Hey guys, welcome to my para[SIDE] site[SPACE]…8)

My name is Michael J Loomis. My goal with this site is to catalog my research and journey from a place of ignorance regarding my health. My hope is to help others better navigate life in a wild world.

You should also see around this site links to a couple of other repositories of my journey. One of them is The Fungal Underground Q’n’A, located at www.fuqna.com. This site is a dedicated space for my research for future publication.

We are legion.

Another is Chew Digest located at www.chewdigest.com. This site is dedicated to what I discovered about chewing and the important role it plays in our digestive processes.

And then there is this space, located at www.parasite.us. I couldn’t believe that this namespace was available. Here you will find my thoughts on what would appear to have been a major roadblock on my journey toward wellness. All the while ensuring that we are not participating in these little bitty things getting in the way of our longevity and joy.